How is the cost of car stop paid?
After repairs completeion, the agency sends the deed to the relevant office and after the approval the customer can refer to one of branches of Sepah Bank and receive the money by submitting the ID card. (Please note that the money is only paid to the legal owner)
What would happen after the check is dishonored?
The subscription is cancelled and a text message is sent to the customer (if the customer gives his phone number when subscribing and his number is registered in the system), then the customer contacts the relevant office, gets the company's bank account number and after depositing the money the customer submits the receipt and ID card and the subscription is activated.
How is the cancellation charge calculated?
(2+ days passed since the extension) × (365/ subscription fees) + 12% of subscription fees _ amount of paid subscription= payable amount
How is the cost of vehicle and its occupants transportation paid?
You can call the number 096440 and announce your vehicle information, in the case that it is not possible for the country to transport the vehicle, after receiving the permission (transportation by the customer) the customer can transport the vehicle himself and then receive the costs according to the tariffs by submitting a valid invoice, a copy of owners ID card, a copy of the car card and his bank account number (the cost would be paid to the legal owner). This process is also true about transferring the occupants. You contact the call center and announce your status, then you receive the permission for transferring the occupants, then owner would receive the costs according to the tariffs by submitting a valid invoice, a copy of owners ID card, a copy of the car card and his bank account number.
What else you could do if you weren't convinced by Iran's Emdad Khodro complaints handling?
Step1. Contacting the senior management representative who handles complaints (manager of complaints inspection and investigation)
Step2. Ministry of industry 
Step3. Judicial authorities
How do I make a complaint?
Contact the number of 096440 and then dial 2. In the case you need an in person visit, you can get our addresses(Tehran, North Shahid Bahaie St., top of Sheykh Bahaie Square, No. 28, 1651-19395 post box)
Which cars are included in the car replacement plan?
This plan is available to the damaged vehicles that needs repairs and the fees of repairing is more than 60% of vehicles total value before the accident or the vehicle reconstruction is not possible according to the company's experts or the repair process takes a long period of time. 
It should be noted that if a car can't be reconstructed according to the Iran's Emdad Khodro experts, the only option is replacement.
What are the steps of car replacement?
• The owner or his legal counsel should refer to the central office or regional offices of Iran's Emdad Khodro Company complete the request form and do the paperwork. 
• Then a company's expert would be sent to the parking where the damaged car is placed to authenticate the car and the accident and report the vehicle inspection. 
• The expert of the case, then reviews the case, determine the damage and the joint share of vehicle's price. 
• The subscriber submits the original receipt of deposited money to Iran's Emdad Khodro Company bank account.
• Issuing and sending the letter of introduction to the marketing and sale administrative assistant of Iran Khodro for issuing the deed and delivering the deed of requested vehicle according to the issued introduction letter.
What documents are needed for car replacement?
Car owner documents including owner's ID card and birth certificate.
If the customer has an attorney, business power of attorney and attorney's birth certificate are needed.
Car documents including the deed, sale invoice, car card, insurance documents, Golden card, guarantee card and the ownership certificate
Accident documents including the sketch of accident, the report of police judicial authorities, driving license of the driver and 10 open view photos of the car. 
And finally referring to the regional offices under cover by Iran Khodro
Which vehicles need expert inspection?
Every vehicle that requests using the Golden Card services needs expert inspection which can be performed through phone, photos or attendance.

What are the steps of vehicle's expert inspection?
• Visiting the authorized agencies of Iran Khodro and completing the form.
• Registration of the requested code by authorized agencies of Iran Khodro.
• Expert's examination.
• Presence of the expert in the authorized agencies of Iran Khodro and performing the inspection.
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