Brief review of services 

Mobile roadside assistance 

The most important service of Iran's Emdad Khodro Company is mobile assistance. Iran's Emdad Khodro Company started working in the area of after- sale services from the year of 2000 by providing this mobile assistance. 

Offered services of mobile assistance

In place repairing of car

• Transporting the car to the repair shop if needed

• Transferring the occupants of damaged cars to an appropriate place

• Providing in place repair services (Quick Services)

• Technical consultation, phone number: 096440

Golden Card and assistance services 

In order to expand the offered services, insurance services under the title of Golden Card and assistance services were classified and provided to a group of vehicles manufactured by Iran Khodro Company from the year of 2001, and then these services were expanded to all manufactured vehicles by Iran Khodro. 

Owners of this card will benefit from the following services:

• Mobile assistance services 

• Technical repairs (after the end of guarantee period or during it except the cases which are under guarantee)

• Compensation payment (theft (minor, general), accidents)

• Periodic services 

• In place services (Quick Services)

• Replacement of the damaged car

• The cost of car stop in the agency

• Technical consultation, phone number: 096440

In place services (Quick Services)

This service is a new service which has been provided to the owners of Iran Khodro's products from 2007 and its aim is to achieve the following goals:

• Increasing the satisfaction of Iran Khodro's products customers

• Respecting the customers 

• Preventing from wasting the time of customers

• Creating variation in mobile services

• Increasing the revenue 

• Being a leader in after-sale services area

• Offering luxurious services 

• Avoiding the customers from paying additional costs 

Periodic services and maintenance including changing the battery, generator, injector, door locks, oil sensor and… are among the services provided by the rescuers.

Time allocation service of agencies 

Iran's Emdad Khodro Company provided the time allocation service to the external customers through establishing the call center of Iran's Emdad Khodro Company and using specific technologies.

One of these services is the admission of Iran's Emdad Khodro products owners through the number of 096440 and time allocation for them from the agencies of Iran Khodro.

The aim of providing this service is to satisfy the customers of Iran Khodro, providing quick guide for them and properly referring them to the agencies according to their living place and the problem of the vehicle and also, appropriate distribution of work between agencies based on their proficiency and capacity. 

Service of providing technical advice to applicants 

This service has been established on the November 2008 with the aim of responding the technical questions of customers and agencies by experts. 

The purpose of offering this service was the specialized separation of customers' needs and providing more technical and specialized guidance to stakeholders including car owners and agencies of Iran Khodro in order to satisfy them. 

The service of recall to Iran Khodro products 

Recall was established as one of Iran's Emdad Khodro Company in 2005 by recalling the fuel system of vehicles manufactured in 2004 and 2005. Since the recall is one of the important processes for any car manufacturer and there is a possible need for different recalls, this responsibility was assigned to Iran's Emdad Khodro Company as a new mission. Therefore, there was an organized basis in the recall since the year 2006. So, there were improvements in this process through creating and organizing the required teams, designing and complete mechanization of the recall process and making the required integration between the operating system and Sympa. Also, an important resource for recall is the database of vehicle owners through which the shared information is updated. 

Survey service (inside the company and outside the company)

On the year 2005, Iran's Emdad Khodro Company developed the plan of surveying the customers to investigate the satisfaction rate of the provided services. This plan includes surveying the set of company's services such as mobile assistance, special services, in place services and maintenance (Quick Services) and responding to complaints. Improvable points are determined based on surveys results and projects and actions for improvements are selected based on these points.

Following the expansion of the survey system, the company took responsibility of surveying projects of other companies of Iran Khodro Industrial Group from the year 2007 and in the year 2009, was in charge of continuing the customer satisfaction assessment plan from the sale and after- sale services of ISACO Company. By promoting the mechanized system of surveys in the field of Iran Khodro's CRM, Iran's Emdad Khodro Company is in charge of measuring the satisfaction of vehicle quality, dealing with sale complaints, vehicle delivery and…. 

Vehicle test (RAF)

All products of Iran Khodro Industrial Group are objected to a series of static and dynamic tests before commercializing (mass production). Travelling a distance of 20,000 Km is often called the road test (RAF) and this distance can be increased according to technical requirements. This test is performed in different routes with different conditions (urban paths, suburban highways, mountain roads…) upon the request of Iran Khodro's quality deputy. 


According to the Iran Khodro reports, if there are problems with the cars inside the factory or other parking lots of the factory (before delivery to the customer), experts of Iran's Emdad Khodro Company resolve the problem and complete the paperwork. 

Early warning of car's defects (CIR)

It is time consuming for after- sale services network to find about a product defects and standard methods of tackling them, these are among the concerns of product manufacturers specially car manufacturers but, during the time, these defects show themselves and in time informing of units involved in the production and quality of parts to solve the root problem_ in order to maintain the quality of products and customers satisfaction_ is a vital process. Therefore, the product quality is controlled in the after- sale services network using various information sources and in the event of unusual circumstances such as sudden increase in the replacement of a particular part or sudden increase of customer complaints from a particular part, the required quality warning is prepared in a special format and sent to the relevant units then the latest status of corrective actions are monitored through monitoring and control mechanisms. 

Establishment of Iran Khodro's Quality of Products system (QOP System)

The aim of Iran Khodro's Quality of Products project is to surveying the owners of Iran Khodro products in order to take preventing actions in future projects and products. For this purpose, a questionnaire for evaluating the quality of Iran Khodro products will be released in a specified format in certain periods and for all types of vehicles by the department of enhancing customer satisfaction. 

Rapid Service 

This plan is to provide rapid repair services for the customers of Iran Khodro Industrial Group whom a month has passed since the delivery of their car and there is a defect in the vehicle, this plan was implemented since the winter of 2013. 

Golden Service 

The aim of this plan is to provide car services without requiring the customer to be present in the authorized agency and the delivery of services at the place where the customer request, this plan was conducted since the year 2013.

This service includes admission processes, delivery of the vehicle to the authorized agency, clearance, accounts settlement, transfer and delivery to the requested place of the customer. This service can be used for repairs, periodic services, compensation payments for accidents and theft of car accessories.

Electronic Golden Card of the car

From the June of 2013, the Electronic Golden Card of the car is provided to the subscribers of the Golden Card and assistance services of Emdad Khodro at the time of subscription. According to the vehicle type and the customer (subscription level, available services and…), services such as periodic services, compensation payment and repair services are offered to the customer. This plan was officially exploited in the Fajr of 2013. 

Customer appeasing plan 

This plan was designed and developed in the February of 2014 in order to satisfy the customers about the nonconforming mobile assistance service. This plan is for those customers for whom the provided services do not conform to the determined goals of company.

 According to the level of nonconformity with the determined goals and based on the terms of company, some gifts are given to the customers in addition to calls from different experts of the company, management, the board of directors and sending text messages. 

The plan of special facilities for Dena

In order to better supporting the newly manufactured products, expanding the domain, improving the brand of Iran Khodro Industrial Group, Iran's Emdad Khodro Has designed, developed and implemented special facilities for dear customers of Dena including offering the Golden Service, the Golden Card Services, the four- star assistance services and….