Statements and strategies of Iran's Emdad Khodro Company

Vision statement: We intend to be the best, most leading and largest roadside assistance company, special services provider and relationship holder with cars customers regionally and at world- class levels.

Mission statement:
 Iran's Emdad Khodro Company is committed to provide roadside assistance services, special services and relationship services for cars customers regionally and at world- class levels.

Organizational values of Iran's Emdad Khodro Company

Development and employees participation: achieving our interests lies in identifying the competencies and capabilities of the personnel, teamwork development and total participation of employees for facilitating decision-making.

Creativity and Innovation:
we value creativity and innovation and believe that being a comprehensive leader results from innovation and we put all our efforts in organizing the organization based on these two elements (i.e. creativity and innovation).

Learning and constant improvement:
we believe that decision- making stability and sustainable success arise from learning through analyzes, comparison and modeling best practices, training and application of advanced techniques, constant improvement of all processes, business activities and key results of the performance.

Process- oriented: we believe that the creation of a process- oriented organization and managing it based on processes is the best managing method and is being responsible and accounted for vision and mission statements and the goals and strategies of the organization, which will lead to customers and stakeholders satisfaction.

Organizational commitment and accountability: we believe that committed and responsible employees are the core constituents of a creative, innovative, learning, process- oriented, participative, customer satisfying and result- oriented organization.

Customer- oriented: we believe that we have to play our part in the preservation and conservation of our business sustainability through cooperation with other organizations in line with respecting the society and protecting the environment in the framework of national and international rules and regulations.

Result- oriented: we intend that the results of our all business processes and activities not only meet the needs of our customers and stakeholders but also create added value for them and our organization.

Quality Policy

Iran's Emdad Khodro Company as the first and largest provider of roadside assistance services in the country has based its quality management system on standard requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and in accordance with company's vision and mission statements. This company has determined its quality policy as follows and has held them as its priority in activities:

• Increasing customer satisfaction

• Reducing customer complaints

• Offering new and various services

• Increasing the attraction and the extension of services subscription

• Controlling and reducing the delivery time of services

• Improving the competence level of employees and increasing their participation

Support and determination of company's assistants and managers backed by faithful and practical support of directors and supervisors, cooperation and empathy of all partners as the main assets of the company guarantee the achievement of above mentioned objectives.

Strategies of Iran's Emdad Khodro Company

• Penetrating the market through focused marketing on brand- new and first year extended cars

• Developing services through innovation in existing services

• Developing services network through expanding the cooperation

• New business design according to the needs of new and existing markets through identifying opportunities

• Improving the quality of services through increasing the control over services delivery

Human Capital Management Policy (Ethical Charter)

Since achieving organizational goals lies in having qualified and competent human capital, Iran's Emdad Khodro Company is committed to professionally provide all personnel services in order to supply, preserve and maintain this human capital, improve effective organizational communication, develop the culture of teamwork and participate the employees in activities. In this regard, this company has held human capital management policy that follows as its priority in activities:

• Organization and provision of human resources required by different parts of organization according to the standards of jobs skills and competencies

• Development management and promotion of knowledge, skills and behaviors of employees through appropriate tools and processes such as training according to ISO 10015:2003 standard

• Providing health and safety of workers in the workplace with especial consideration of their welfare

• Proper management of performance, reward and compensation system

• Developing the culture of participation, creativity, innovation and customer- orientation among employees

Human Resources Strategies

• Employees empowerment with emphasis on skill- based and competency- based trainings

• Increasing technical skills of rescuers, experts and staffs of contact center

• Increasing employees participation in decision- makings through strengthening working teams and developing recommendation system

• Keeping and motivating of key and potential personnel with an emphasis on performance- based payments

• Retaining and promoting the welfare of employees through utilization of available facilities and outsourcing

• Increasing the levels of employees mental and physical health through considering safety and ergonomic issues and focusing on sport programs

• Recruitment of skillful and capable workforce for non- operational technical jobs according to the standards of jobs skills and competencies

• Creating a comprehensive planning system and human resources development

Customers Complaints Management Policy

Iran's Emdad Khodro Company, the biggest provider of roadside assistance services in the country, has set its customers complaint management system based on requirements of ISO 10002:2004 standard and related laws and regulations and in line with mission and vision statements with the aim of meeting customers' expectations, earning their trust and ultimately increasing the number of loyal customers through using organization's workforce which is the most valuable asset of the company. The company declares customers complaints management policy as follows:

• Qualitative development of services

• Developing a culture of accountability among the organization's employees to respond the requests, comments and complaints of customers

• Increasing the capability of workforce and organizational processes

• Utilization of new technologies in organizational processes

• Developing the guaranty of services

• Promoting employees and stakeholders participation in improving the customers complaints management