About Iran's Roadside Assistance Company (Emdad Khodro of Iran)

Iran's Emdad Khodro Company was founded in late March 2000 following the policy of completing after-sale services chain which belongs to Iran Khodro Industrial Group. Followings are the most important necessities of Iran's Emdad Khodro formation:
• Increasing the abundance of Iran Khodro Industrial Group's manufactured cars. Expanding products distribution and their variety across the country. Lack of existence of a center for providing roadside assistance services to owners of Iran Khodro Industrial Group's products in a coherent and efficient way.

• Increasing the needs and expectations of Iran Khodro Industrial Group's customers regarding after-sale services and the necessity of considering and meeting these new needs and expectations. 

When this company was founded, there was no internal model for providing roadside assistance for cars in the country so it started working from March 2000 with the primary mission of providing mobile roadside assistance services to owners of Iran Khodro Company's cars which were less than ten years old. Following a dramatic escalation in the development of Iran Khodro's products and expansion of products distribution, increase in customer's expectations and the hardware and software development of operational and support processes of company, new services were added to the organizational mission.

Iran 's Roadside Assistance Company (Iran's Emdad khodro company) puts all its effort and energy in research, understanding the realities, available facilities, building capacity and new values, using the science and advanced technologies, skilful human resources as the main asset, determining and clarifying goals and strategies, strategic development planning and processes management system which are in line with macro policies of Iran Khodro Industrial Group, and with belief in and focus on market-developing approaches based on after-sales services, satisfying overt and covert needs, promoting customer's trust and loyalty, this company organizes and moves forward. With trust in God, this company has played its part in improving the quality and quantity levels of completing after-sale services chain and in developing the product sale market of Iran Khodro and this trend will be always continued.