The Electronic Golden Card of car

The Electronic Golden Card of car 

With more than a decade of continuous activity in the area of after- sale services and communication with a wide range of customers, Iran’s Emdad Khodro Company has always tried to provide better and safer services to its customers. With the expansion of this company’s customers, it is inevitable to provide qualitative and quantitative services that deserve and befit this wide range of customers.
Therefore, to achieve the organizational goals and through using the latest information and communication technologies, Iran’s Emdad Khodro Company decided to issue electronic cards known as the “Electronic Golden Card” in order to provide better services such as periodic maintenance, repair and compensation payment for car owners. Through utilizing card- based technologies, we hope to witness an increasing growth in better and safer services delivered to our dear customers. 

Dear subscriber 

From now on you can enjoy the company’s services as before by submitting the Electronic Golden Card of the car and since the delivery of services would be available only through this card, please pay careful attention to keep it and its password safe and avoid giving it to other people. 

Usage guidelines of Iran’s Emdad Khodro Company Electronic Golden Card

a. How to receive support 

In case of problems such as loss of or damage to the card and also to provide feedback, please contact the call center of Iran’s Emdad Khodro Company with the number of 096440.
Obviously we need your informative feedbacks to provide proper services that deserve our customers. We thank you in advance, for selecting this company. 

b. Providing periodic maintenance using the Electronic Golden Card 

c. Providing special services (repair and compensation payment) using the Electronic Golden Card

Followings are the information on how the periodic maintenance is provided using the Electronic Golden Card :